Send XYZ to...

The Send To Feature enables you to look up more info for a stock or share it with others. This feature is available in most Trade Ideas Windows, namely Charts, Top Lists, Alert, and Multi-Strategy Windows as well as Price Alerts and AI Strategy Trades Windows. Simply highlight a symbol, then right-click and select, Send XYZ to... where XYZ stands for the chosen stock symbol.

You can choose to send the chosen symbol to a new Chart Window, or a new Single Stock Window.

In addition to that our Send To Feature lets you share the stock with your followers on Twitter. Enter your message, and if you would like to share the Alert as well as the Strategy, check the box, Include Strategy Config in Message. Thereafter click, Tweet Now. If you haven’t connected to Twitter yet, the Twitter Authorization Window will open. Enter your Twitter username and password, then click Authorize app. After logging in, copy the received PIN into the box on the bottom left-hand side. Then click, Confirm.

You can also send a symbol to an already externally linked target platform. If you have not established External Linking yet, the External Linking Window will open and enable you to Add a Link. With external linking enabled, any symbol you click on within Trade Ideas will automatically load in an external platform like your charting or brokerage app. This is a good way to connect to a lot of different applications. A further tutorial will discuss External Linking in more detail.

Another option is to send the stock symbol to the Web. By selecting send to Web, you can find info about the particular stock on Yahoo, Finviz, StockCharts, BigCharts, as well as other web-based platforms, and conduct further research. If you check the option, Use Symbol Linking, and leave the particular web-based platform open, it will automatically load every symbol you select in your scan on the web-based platform as well. This way, you will get an instant internet look-up for every symbol that you’re interested in. In addition to the sites in the selection menu, you can select Custom to add a different web-based platform. If this platform requires a login, log into the web-based platform first. Then, have a look at the URL when you are logged in to your web destination. Copy this URL, and split it where the symbol is mentioned. Enter the part of the URL before the symbol, into the first section, and the part after the symbol in the next section.

Lastly, you can send the stock symbol to one of your existing Symbol Lists. Or even create a New List to add the symbol to. A further tutorial will discuss how to create, edit and use Symbol Lists in more detail.

Send XYZ to Symbol List

The Send To Feature allows you to add stock symbols to a so-called Symbol List or Watchlist. A Symbol List is useful if you would like to include or exclude certain stocks from your scans.

To add more symbols to any of your existing Symbol Lists, on the fly, from any of your scans or charts, just right-click, then choose the stock ticker you would like to add, select Send to, and then Symbol Lists from the dropdown.

Thereafter, choose a specific Symbol List to add the stock to from the following dropdown menu.

If you have recently sent a symbol to any of the lists, it will be bold. To remove this visual highlight, select Clear Recent List and click Yes.

To start an entirely new Symbol list or edit your Symbol lists, select the option, Manage Symbol Lists. This will bring you to the main Symbol List Configuration Menu, where you can create, edit, copy, rename, and delete your symbol lists. You can also access the main Symbol List Configuration Menu from the Toolbar. Just go to the Tools Tab and select Symbol Lists.

Create a new Symbol List

The field on the top left-hand side of the new window displays all the already existing Symbol Lists and the number of symbols they contain.

To create a new Symbol List, select Create New List on the bottom right-hand side.

Give your new list a name, then click OK.

Your newly created list will now appear in the Symbol List field.

Add single symbols to one or multiple Symbol List

To quickly add or delete a single symbol, highlight the Symbol List, then enter the ticker in the Symbol Field in upper or lower case and click Add or Delete. The symbol will now be added to or removed from all the currently highlighted lists. The program will automatically remove duplicate symbols during addition and ignore any removal request if the symbol does not exist in the symbol list.

To select more than one list at once, press the control key on your keyboard while selecting the lists with your mouse.

Add multiple symbols to a Symbol List

To add multiple symbols to your newly created Symbol List, double-click on your list to open it.

This will take you to another window where you can enter the stock symbols. There is no limit to the number of symbols you can add to a symbol list. The program automatically will convert the symbols to the upper case, remove duplicates and sort the list alphabetically.


You can enter stocks manually by typing.

Copy & Paste from document

You can copy & paste symbols from any document. The symbols should be added one line per symbol, in upper or lower case.

Copy & Paste from Scan

You can also copy & paste selected symbols or entire symbol columns from your scans. To do this, first go to the Toolbar, select Tools, Options, and then General. Here, uncheck Highlight grid row upon selection.

By default, the entire row is highlighted when you select a column in the scan. Unchecking this option will enable you to highlight individual columns.

Now, go to your scan and highlight the symbols you would like to add to your Symbol List.

Thereafter, copy the data by using the Windows copy command, pressing the Control and C keys on your keyboard.

Now, go back to your newly created Symbol List and paste the symbols into it using the Windows paste command, pressing the Control and V keys on your keyboard.

Upload from File

In addition to manually adding stock symbols, you also have the option to upload a text file from your local PC by choosing Load from File. Please note, that this will overwrite any already added symbols.

If you would like to upload additional symbols to an already existing Symbol List, choose the option Insert From File instead.

Download Symbol List to PC

To save a copy of your Symbol list to your local PC, select the Save to File option.

Once you have added your symbols, hit OK.

Edit, Copy, Rename, or Delete a Symbol List

To edit a Symbol List, select the Edit List button, which will bring you back to the symbol entry window.

To copy a Symbol List, select the Copy List button. Type the name of the new symbol list and press the OK to copy the list and populate it with the symbols from the currently selected lists.

To rename the list, highlight it and select the Rename List button.

To delete a list, highlight it and select the Delete List button.

The Refresh from Server button is used to clear the cache and reload it with the symbol lists from the server. This operation is automatically performed upon application startup. Select this option to ensure syncing, whenever you have made changes to your symbol lists.

In addition to accessing your Symbol Lists from within our software, you can also find them on your Account Management Page, on our Website. Here, you can also edit, delete or create entirely new symbol lists.