Smart Risk Levels

To see AI-powered Smart Risk Levels for each stock including suggestions for Profit Target (green line) and Smart Stop Level (red line), right-click into the Chart, select Properties, then choose Show Smart Risk Levels from the dropdown. The Profit and Loss values are based on your AI Trade Size settings. To adjust them, go to the Toolbar, open the Tools Tab, and select AI Trade Size. Here you have the choice between Dollars, Shares, and Risk based on Stop Loss.

The Smart Stop is a proprietary risk management filter. The exit point is unique to each symbol based on the stock's volatility, relative volume and daily range.

Select, if you would like to see the Smart Risk Levels for a potential long or a short trade via right-click into the Chart. Select Smart Risk Levels, then choose Long or Short.

The higher Time Frame Charts will additionally display the Swing Exit Level. Swing traders typically observe the 20 day low as a signal to potentially exit their position. This level is indicated by the dark red line on the higher Time Frame Charts. It suggests a possible closing of the trade, when the price area that's marked by the dark red line is reached.