Insiders Tab

The Insider Tab shows details about Insider Trades. It lists the Date of the Trade, the Name of the Insider, and the Relation of the Insider to the Company. In addition to that, it provides details about the Transaction Type, which could be labeled as, a Buy, a Sell, a non-open market Acquisition, a non-open market Disposition, an Automatic Buy, an Automatic Sell, an Option Execution. Otherwise, it would be labeled as Unknown. Furthermore, you can see the Number of Shares Traded, as well as the Price, and the total number of Shares held. The columns can be sorted via click, on the column header. For columns containing text, sorting can be done by A to Z, and vice versa. For columns containing numbers, sorting can be done from biggest to smallest, and vice versa.

To filter by Transaction Type, right-click into the Insider Tab and select Transaction Filter, then make your selection and hit Done.