View Mode

By default, the newest alert populates at the top of your Alert Window, but you have the option to sort the output in different ways. To access the Group & Sort Feature, right-click into the window, select Properties, and then View Mode. Alternatively, double-click on any Column Header of your Alert Window.

This will bring up a menu with Group & Sort options. When you double-click on a column header to access this feature, the particular column will automatically be selected as the Sort Item. You can, however, select any of the scan’s filters from the dropdown menu.

The column you choose to sort the scan by will depress.

If a symbol shows up multiple times in your scan, You can choose to limit the output to the very first alert for the symbol, by choosing Keep Oldest, or the very last alert by choosing, Keep Newest. Or, you can just leave it as such by selecting, All Alerts.

When choosing this option, all new alerts that populate will be highlighted in black.

Additionally, you can choose the Sort Direction, either ascending or descending.

To get back to the Alert Windows default behavior, just right-click select View Mode and Newest First. The window will then repopulate with the newest alerts on top.