Summary Tab

The Summary Tab gives you an overview of your backtest settings.

Please note, Our backtesting tool, as well as most other backtesters, is based on the open, high, low, and close data of 1-minute candles, not on tick-by-tick data. Because of this, you are likely to see discrepancies between testing results and actual trading. The OddsMaker doesn't factor in the spread. In real trading, there is no guarantee that you will get filled at the exact price. Once you have configured your backtest, select Simulate Buy to buy stocks with your strategy or Simulate Sell to short stocks with your strategy.

The next window shows the backtest being performed and its progress. While the Oddsmaker is running through all the different scenarios, the green progress bar indicates how many trades have been winners, and the red bar, how many trades have been losers. Below the chart, you can additionally see the calculated Profit Factor and Win Rate.

Once the backtest is completed, the Oddsmaker Results Window will open.