Details Tab

The header of the Single Stock Window displays the company's name and its industry. The field below shows the current Stock Symbol. To switch to a different stock, enter its ticker in this field, then press Enter on your keyboard.

The Detail Tab of the Single Stock Window displays the Company Name, the Exchange, and the Ticker it is listed under as well as the country flag.

Listed below in large letters is the current price and in either green or red next to it are the Change from Close in Dollars and the Change from Close in Percent. Further to the right, you will see Today's Volume in Shares as well as the Relative Volume in blue letters.

Directly below the Current Price, you will see the Time and Date of the snapshot the Single Stock Window provides.

The Details Tab of the Single Stock Window will display various columns containing key fundamental and other customizable data about a chosen stock. Displayed data and column order are highly customizable and can be configured to provide a snapshot of exactly the stock info you would like to see. To do so, simply right-click into the Single Stock Window and select Configure.