Select Colors

The Select Colors Feature enables you to define colors for the different alert types. Righ-click into the Alert Window, select Properties and then Select Colors. The alert types are grouped into three categories, namely bullish, bearish and neutral. You have the option to choose a background color as well as color for the type of each of these categories.

To change the currently displayed color, click on any of the bullish, bearish or neutral color buttons. The button on the left-hand side defines the text color, the button to the right, the background color.

The select recent settings field displays the previously selected color schemes. This way, you can easily reverse your changes in case you are unhappy with your choice.

Hit OK when you are done.

To assign a color to an individual filter column, right-click the text header of the particular column in your Top List and select Custom Colors for XYZ

This will bring up the Top List Color Chooser Menu.

The field on the top right-hand side shows the chosen filter column.

The left-hand side displays the current color scheme in use.

With each color representing a numeric value, the color gradually changes as the value ascends and descends.

At the center, you'll see 7 pre-configured color palettes, each with 5 numerical placeholders.

The preconfigured color palettes and numerical placeholders are optional, you can add as many numerical values and colors as you like.

Use the text field above the Add/Edit button to enter a new numeric value.

You can set each numeric value to have the same color by choosing the equal symbol or use the less than, equal, and/or greater than symbols to differentiate even further. Once you have made your selection, press the Add/Edit button.

To change the color scheme of an existing numeric value, highlight it. Once selected, an arrow will appear on the right-hand side.

Change the color by selecting the equal, less than, or greater than symbol, then select a color from the popup menu and hit OK. Then press Add/Edit.

To change the current color order, select the Flip Colors button.

To remove a numeric value and associated color scheme, highlight it and select the Delete button.

To remove the entire current scheme and start from scratch, select the Delete All button.

To undo changes and go back to a previous color scheme, select it from the Select recent or suggested settings field at the bottom left-hand side.

Hit OK when you are done.