Windows Tab

For greatest flexibility and usability, all layout items are freely movable and resizable, enabling you to create your preferred layout using multiple screens.

You can control the behavior of the layout items via the Windows Tab of the Toolbar by selecting one of the following options:

  • Show All: Will bring all Windows back up if they have been minimized

  • Minimize All: Will minimize all Windows

  • Minimize Toolbar Only: Will minimize the Toolbar but keep the Windows open

  • Close All: Will close all Windows but not the Toolbar

  • Close All Unpinned: Will close all Unpinned Windows

  • Close All Pinned: Will close all pinned Windows

  • Clear All: Will clear the results of all open Alert, Compare Count and RBI/GBI Windows.

  • List: Will show all your individual layout items for easy retrieval

The Pinned Function: