You can add a variety of Indicators to your Charts.

To do so, right-click into the Chart and select Indicators. This will open the Indicator Manager Window.

Selecting an Indicator from the Add Tab on the left-hand side, will color its name orange and enable editing its settings on the right-hand side.

Choose a display color by selecting Modify Color. The Indicator Color Chooser Window gives you the option to Use One Color or to define different colors for Up and Down. In addition to that, you can set Color Gradients.

Check the box Show in Status Line, if you would like to see the indicator values displayed below the chart header.

Choose New Chart Area to see the Indicator in its own area below the main Chart.

Select Chart Area #1 (main) for the indicator to display in the main Chart area.

Please note that you can add more than one individual indicator area to the bottom of the Chart window.

Finally, select the Indicator Periods you would like to display.

Once you have configured your indicator, click Add to add it to the chart.

To edit or remove an already placed Indicator, select the Edit Tab on the left-hand side, which will list all the already chosen and displayed Chart Indicators. Select the Indicator that you would like to edit, then make the desired changes on the right-hand side. Thereafter press Save.

To permanently remove an Indicator from the Chart, select it, then press Remove. Press Close once you're done.

Make sure you have the Show Indicator option enabled in your charts. Right-click, select Properties and then, Show Indicators.

Another way to quickly add Indicators to the Chart is to use the icons found on the top left-hand side of the Chart Window.

A click on the Indicator Icon will open the Indicator Manager.

The process of adding, editing, or removing indicators is the same as outlined above.