Stock Deep Dive

The Stock Info Dashboard is your go-to hub for rapid stock intel. It provides a comprehensive snapshot of your chosen stock.

Features of the Stock Info Dashboard:

Stock Details: The cornerstone of your stock research, the Stock Info section is a snapshot containing critical metrics such as today's volume, the change from the close, earnings per share, short float, outstanding shares, as well as the company's revenue, cash and debt.

Stock Profile: The Profile tab offers valuable insights into the company's operations, location, establishment date, and the sector it operates in. So, for instance, if you're exploring Apple, all pertinent information about Apple will be neatly displayed in this section.

Stock News: For real-time updates about your chosen stock, the News section is constantly refreshed with the latest news articles from across the net. Clicking on a news headline opens up a new browser window containing the news story, keeping you informed and aiding your decision-making process.

Stock Chart: The Chart section allows you to adjust the time-frame from 1-minute to monthly for both the main chart as well as the smaller picture-in-picture chart.

Competitors Stock Race: The Competitors Race feature offers a comparison of the performance of your chosen stock against its competitors. This helps you benchmark performance and potentially uncover other high-performing stocks in the same sector. For a more in-depth understanding of any stock participating in this race, a simple click will load the ticker into the Stock Info as well as the chart.