Config Window

To change the default comparison of New Highs versus New Lows and to compare other bullish and bearish strategies to one another, right-click into the Compare Count Window and select Configure.

Configure Green Data/Red Data

To add a different bullish strategy, select Configure, below the Green Data Header. To add a different bearish strategy, select Configure, below the Red Data Header.

This will open the Alert Config Window. Select a bullish or bearish strategy from the Strategies Tab or create an entirely new strategy. Hit OK when you are done.

Collaborate Green Data/Red Data

To add a different bullish or bearish strategy from an already open Alert Window, use the Collaborate function below the Green Data or Red Data Header.

Right-click into the Alert Window, you would like to add and select Collaborate. Choose Copy All in the popup window. Next, go to the Toolbar, open the New Tab, and select Compare Count Window. Now, select Collaborate in the Green Data field on the left-hand side to add a bullish strategy or in the Red Data field on the right-hand side to add a bearish strategy. Choose Paste All in the popup menu, then hit OK.

Configure and Collaborate

In addition to that, you can use a combination of the Configure and Collaborate function together with the Flip feature.

If you have loaded a bullish strategy and would like to compare it to its exact bearish counterpart, you can use the Collaborate function in combination with the Flip Feature. After loading the bullish strategy, either via the Configure, or the Collaborate function, select Collaborate. Now, select Copy All, then close the Collaborate Window. Next, open the Collaborate window by selecting, Collaborate below the Red Data Header. Select Paste All then open the Configure option below the Red Data Header. You will see that the same bullish strategy has loaded in the Red Data field. To turn it into the bearish counterpart, select Flip on the bottom right-hand side. Give your bearish strategy a new name in the Summary Tab, then hit OK.

Update Speed

The Update Speeds controls how quickly the Compare Count data points are updated. By default, they update every 5 seconds. You can increase that to one data point every 120 seconds, which means you will see less detail, but more historical data.

Thick EMA/Thin EMA

The thick and thin EMA lines can be set to move faster and show more data points or to be slower and therefore smoother.