Advanced Exit Tab

The Advanced Tab enables you to define Advanced Exit Conditions for your trades. The default setting is None.

You can base a Trailing Stop on a Percentage value or 15-Minute Bars.

For backtesting purposes, you can also create and use an Alert Window to define an Exit-Strategy.

Please note the only Moving Stop our Brokerage Plus Module supports for live trading, is a traditional Trailing Stop. Since Trade Ideas does not hold any orders, our Brokerage Plus Module is confined to the order types that brokers offer.

If you would like to only see backtest results for the filters that are part of your strategy, select, Use Columns from Strategy. Check Use All Available Columns to optimize your strategy from within the Oddsmaker with the help of additional filters.

Set the number of Test Days for your backtest. The minimum period is one day, the maximum 64 days.