Select Alerts Tab

The Select Alerts Tab enables you to select the alert types for your scan. Every Alert Window needs at least one alert, so this tab is important.

Right-click into the Alert Window, select Configure, and open the Select Alerts Tab.

Here, check the alerts that you would like to use and, if required, set their parameters.

You need to have at least one alert, but you can use multiple alerts in a single Alert Window. The individual Alerts don’t interact with each other, they work in an OR fashion, meaning each alert triggers when its specific event happens and is fully independent of the other alerts. Filters, on the other hand, work in an AND fashion. A stock must satisfy all of the filter conditions and at least one of the alerts to show up in your Alert Window.

If you do not select an alert from the Select Alerts Tab, the Heartbeat alert will automatically be selected. It is a default placeholder that pings the server every couple of minutes to look for symbols satisfying the filters without the need for a specific event.

Some of the alerts have a quality field, the value can be based on days, dollars, volume, shares, or percent. If you leave the quality field blank, you will see more alerts than if you enter a value since this will tighten the scope.

To only see the alerts that are part of your strategy, press the Hide Unused button. Choose Add Defaults to see the list of alerts that are generally used. You can add more alerts by pressing the More Button and then using the Search function. Highlight an alert you would like to add, then press the Add Alert button at the bottom. The chosen alert will automatically be added to the Select Alerts Tab. You, however, still have to check the box if you would like to include it in your scan.

Click OK when you are done, or jump to one of the other tabs to adjust your scan further.

It is recommended that you pair it with filters from the Windows Specific Filters Tab, in order to narrow the scope and receive high-quality alerts.