Config Window

The Configuration Window enables you to adjust the settings and control the data that populates inside your scanner.

To open the Config Window, right-click into the scan and select Configure. The main configuration window contains several tabs. These allow you to control the different parameters of the scanner.

  • Strategies Tab: Choose pre-configured strategies or create your own from scratch.

  • Search Tab: Find and add the over 500 available alerts and filters.

  • Select Alerts Tab: Choose the alerts, you would like to use for your strategy.

  • Window Specific Filters Tab: Specify which filters you would like to use along with your alerts and define their values.

  • Exchanges Tab: Select the stock exchanges your scanner will monitor.

  • Symbol List Tab: Create specific lists of stocks to watch or ignore.

  • Columns Tab: Select which columns will be displayed in the scanner window.

  • Summary Tab: Overview of your chosen settings.

For more in-depth information about each tab, continue below.