Configure All

The Configure All function enables you to change the settings of all strategies at once. Right-click into the Multi-Strategy Window and select Configure All. The popup window will list all the available strategies. Choose Select All to edit all strategies at once or choose Select None and make a selection from the list.

Once you've made your selection, press the Edit Selected button. This will lead you to the Configuration Menu, which is similar to the Alert Config Menu.

The Window Specific Filters Tab will display all the filters currently in use.

A white filter background with values indicates that these values are shared by all strategies. If you hover over the filter value field, a popup will display the settings of each individual strategy.

A grey filter background indicates that the strategies have different values for this particular filter. If you hover over the filter value field, a popup will display the settings of each individual strategy.

A white filter background without values indicates that none of the strategies have values defined for this filter.

If you enter or change a value in any of the filter fields, it will be applied to all strategies.

You can add more filters by pressing the More Button and then using the Search function. Press the Hide Unused Button to only show the filters that are currently in use. Choose Add Defaults to add filters that are generally used.

The Exchanges Tab will display all the exchanges that the various strategies are set to scan. When all strategies are scanning a particular exchange, the box will have a checkmark. When some of the strategies scan an exchange, the box will be filled. Hover over an individual exchange to bring up a popup that lists the strategies that scan the particular market.

In the Symbol Lists Tab, you can choose to include or exclude certain stock symbols from your scans.

In order to do this, you first need to check the option Apply changes to all strategies. Thereafter, you can select Symbol Lists from the Add Existing List menu or choose Create New List. Any changes made will apply to all strategies that are currently selected for editing.