Calendar Tab

The Calendar Tab displays the daily performance of the strategy. Each day is color-coded. If there haven’t been any trades, the background will be white. If the trades were overall profitable, the day will appear with a lighter or darker shade of green. Lighter shades equal smaller profits, darker shades equal larger profits. The same is true for losing days which appear in lighter and darker shades of red.

Each day shows the Win Rate in percent and by the number of trades, the total Profit as well as the Average Gain for the day. Hover over a day, to bring up a list of the 5 Most and Least Profitable Trades for that day.

Double-click on a calendar day to open the Oddsmaker Trades Window, which provides detailed information about the Symbols traded, the Alert Type, the Entry and Exit Time for each trade, the Entry and Exit Price for each trade as well as the Share Size and the Gross Profit.

If a multi-day strategy is backtested, the checkbox Use Exit Date is shown below the small Calendar on the bottom right-hand side of the Summary Tab. By default, the calendar day will show the trades that were entered on that day. Checking this option, will reload the small Calendar as well as the Calendar Tab and show the exited trades instead.