Exchanges Tab

The Exchanges Tab enables you to select the stock exchanges that your Top List Window will scan. Simply right-click into the Top List Window, select Configure, and open the Exchanges Tab. Here, you will find a list of all the markets we cover. By default, the main American exchanges NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ are selected, but you can also scan OTC, Pink Sheets, BATS, The Small Exchange, and even Canadian exchanges. Please note, due to the license agreement, the price and volume data for Canadian stocks will not be shown, and there won’t be Canadian chart data. Simply select the exchanges that you would like to monitor from the list by checking the boxes. Then hit OK.

If one or more of these options are grayed out, it may be necessary to complete the exchange agreement for the respective exchanges. In this case, log into your Account Management Page on our website. After login, your entitlement status will be visible. Click the appropriate link and complete the online agreement to gain access to the data.