Show AI Trades

The trades of our AI Holly (Premium feature) will not only be presented to you in the AI Strategy Trades Window but also on the charts. To enable this feature, right-click into your Chart, select Properties, and then Show AI Trades.

The AI trades will be displayed in a quick and easy-to-grasp visual format:

  • An upward-pointing arrow indicates the entry bar of a Long Trade.

  • A downward-pointing arrow indicates the entry bar of a Short Trade.

  • The blue line represents Holly's Entry Price.

  • The red line indicates the Stop Price.

  • The green line indicates the Target Price.

  • The background coloration highlights the time period of the trade.

  • The green coloration indicates the area in which the trade is profitable.

  • The red coloration points to the area in which the trade would result in a loss.

  • If you hover over the sideways-pointing arrows, you will see a breakdown of the trade parameters. This feature is particularly helpful when reviewing past Holly trades on the chart.

Holly on Charts:

Holly AI One-Click Trading: