Show Cylinder Score

The Cylinder Score Feature is measuring and graphically displaying the number of symbols that are above and below a certain threshold. If you hover over the Cylinder at the bottom of your Top List Window, a popup will display the filter, the stocks are scored on, the defined filter threshold, the number of stocks below and above this defined threshold, as well as the total number of stocks measured.

To enable the Cylinder Score, right-click into your Top List Window, select Properties, and then Show Cylinder Score. The Cylinder Score will now be added to the bottom of your Top List Window.

To configure it, right-click into the cylinder and select the Score Filter of your choice.

The default Threshold is set to 0. To adjust it, right-click again and select Set Custom Threshold. As an example, you could choose Price as the Score Filter and set the Threshold to $25 to see, how many stocks in your Top List are priced above and how many are priced below $25.