Symbol Lists Tab

You can include or exclude stock symbols from your scan. To do so, right-click on your scan and select Configure. Next, open the Symbol Lists Tab.

Your already existing Symbol Lists will show up in the drop-down menu of the Add Existing List Tab, located on the right-hand side.

Any already activated list will be displayed in a different color.

Simply click on a Symbol list from the dropdown, to add it to the section on the left-hand side.

The Add Existing List Tab does not only contain your own Symbol Lists but also offers a large variety of preconfigured Symbol lists to choose from. Of particular interest to many traders are symbol lists that include or exclude recent IPOs, ETFs, Warrants, or entire sectors.

Once you have selected all the symbol lists, you would like to include or exclude, make your selection from the dropdown on the left-hand side.

By default, your scan is set to monitor All Symbols.

From the dropdown, you can select to show Only the following lists and check the Symbol Lists you would like to point your scan at below.

Alternatively, you can choose to Exclude the following lists and check the Symbol Lists you would like to exclude from your scan below.

You can also choose to only monitor a Single Symbol with your scan. To do so, select Single Symbol from the dropdown and enter the ticker in the field below.

To remove a Symbol list from the selection field, right-click on it and select Remove from this List.

Once you have made your selection, hit OK.

Then select OK one more time to save your changes and close the Config Window of your scan.

Create a new Symbol List

The Symbol List Tab in the Config Window of your scan also gives you the option to Create a New List.

To create a new Symbol List, select Create New List on the bottom right-left side.

Give your new list a name, then click OK.

Now, the Edit Symbol List window will open.

There is no limit to the number of symbols you can add to a symbol list. The program will automatically convert all added symbols to the upper case, remove duplicates and sort the list alphabetically.


You can enter stocks manually by typing.

Copy & Paste from document

You can copy & paste symbols from any document. The symbols should be added one line per symbol, in upper or lower case.

Copy & Paste from Scan

You can also copy & paste selected symbols or entire symbol columns from your scans. To do this, first go to the Toolbar, select Tools, Options, and then General. Here, uncheck Highlight grid row upon selection.

By default, the entire row is highlighted when you select a column in the scan. Unchecking this option will enable you to highlight individual columns.

Now, go to your scan and highlight the symbols you would like to add to your Symbol List.

Thereafter, copy the data by using the Windows copy command, pressing the Control and C keys on your keyboard.

Now, go back to your newly created Symbol List and paste the symbols into it using the Windows paste command, pressing the Control and V keys on your keyboard.

Upload from File

In addition to manually adding stock symbols, you also have the option to upload a text file from your local PC by choosing Load from File. Please note, that this will overwrite any already added symbols.

If you would like to upload additional symbols to an already existing Symbol List, choose the option Insert From File instead.

Download Symbol List to PC

To save a copy of your Symbol list to your local PC, select the Save to File option.

Once you have added your symbols, hit OK.

Your newly created Symbol List will now appear in the Add Existing List of the Symbol List Tab within the Config Window of your scan, where you can choose to include or exclude its symbols.

Add more symbols via Send to XYZ feature

To add more symbols to any of your existing Symbol Lists, on the fly, from any of your scans or charts, just right-click, then choose the stock ticker you would like to add, select Send to, and then Symbol Lists from the dropdown.

Thereafter, choose a specific Symbol List to add the stock to from the following dropdown menu.

If you have recently sent a symbol to any of the lists, it will be bold. To remove this visual highlight, select Clear Recent List and click Yes.

To start an entirely new Symbol list or edit your Symbol lists, select the option, Manage Symbol Lists. This will bring you to the main Symbol List Configuration Menu, where you can create, edit, copy, rename, and delete your symbol lists. You can also access the main Symbol List Configuration Menu from the Toolbar. Just go to the Tools Tab and select Symbol Lists.

In addition to accessing your Symbol Lists from within our software, you can also find them on your Account Management Page, on our Website. Here, you can also edit, delete or create entirely new symbol lists.