Risk Management Tab

The Risk Management Tab enables you to define your Exit parameters. You can choose to base a Profit Target per Share and a Stop Loss per Share on Dollar amounts or Percentage values. Make sure to check one or the other before you specify the parameters in more detail below.

Check this box to enable a Wiggle for your Stop Loss. The Wiggle is calculated by multiplying the stock's 15-minute volatility in dollars with its relative volume value, which are both Trade Ideas Filters. The purpose of the Wiggle is to widen the Stop Loss when the stock is trading on higher than average volume. Please note that the Wiggle is not capped and may increase your risk beyond a level that you are comfortable with. Our Brokerage Plus Module, which you will use for live trading, does therefore not have a Wiggle but instead gives you the opportunity to add a defined Offset.

In addition to dollars or percent, you also have the option to base your Target and Stop on a Filter. Only choose a Filter if you are familiar with Filters or Custom Formulas in order execution.

Please note, while the Oddsmaker can compute and utilize the many different Trade Ideas filters as Targets and Stops for your strategy, in live trading, your exit parameters need to be based on static numbers. Trade Ideas does not hold any orders; instead, all orders are immediately sent to the brokerage. In live trading, Stops and Targets can therefore not be based on a value that requires constant monitoring and recalculation, like a moving average or a bar stop. Our Brokerage Plus Module is confined to the order types that brokers offer; our Backtester is not.