The Trade Ideas Artificial Intelligence Trading Engine

The market is a numbers game, and Holly knows how to play. With relentless precision, she tracks every trade, building a statistical picture no human could replicate. When the time is right, Holly reveals her hand, providing the signals you need to trade with confidence.

5/13/24 AMC Buy Signal ⇢ $3.52 with +200% gain.

Why choose Trade Ideas Premium?

These types of signals are why Trade Ideas is the hottest product in all fintech.

AI Trade Signals
AI Trade Signals
AI Trade Signals

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AI-Powered Trading: Become an Advantage Player

AI Trade Signals

Stock Market Profile

Stock Market Profiler

Our AI analyzes stock patterns like an FBI profiler, predicting market moves with uncanny accuracy.

Personal Market Trainer

Your Personal Market Trainer

Trade Ideas AI doesn't just give you signals; it teaches you how to enter and exit trades strategically, improving your overall market fitness.

Increased Odds

No Magic, Just Increased Odds

Just like card counters in Vegas, our AI can't eliminate risk but it tilts the odds in your favor.

The Trade Ideas AI advantage puts the odds in your favor. Get actionable insights and build your market expertise.

The All-in-One Powerhouse for Unmatched Capabilities


AI Trading Signals

Customizable Scans

Customizable Screeners

500+ Data Points (Alerts & Filters)

Historical Scanning/Screening

Data Flow


Flexible Chart Timeframes

Charts on Screen

Customizable Layouts

Customizable Chart Indicators

Chart Styling

Chart Sharing (social media)

Chart Comparison

Earnings & Halt Notifications on Charts

Chart Types

Chart Drawing Tools


Customizable Multi-Strategy Windows

Customizable Full Quote Windows

Customizable Stock Races

Internal Linking

Brokerage Plus Module

Real-Time Trading Simulator

Multi-Monitor Layouts

Unlimited Personal Watchlists

Set Price Alerts in Charts

Sound Alerts

Color Coding

Formula Editor


External Linking

Broker Integrations for seamless trading

Chart Trading

One-Click Trading

Order Management



20+ Curated Trading Templates

Market Explorer (Curated Screeners)

Missing Symbol Check


Smart Risk Levels on Charts

RBI/GBI Windows

Scan & Screener Library

Compare Count Windows