Author Topic: New user, help linking to esignal  (Read 2994 times)


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New user, help linking to esignal
« on: September 20, 2010, 07:16:11 pm »
Sorry if this has been answered but I have a question about linking with esignal pages. I watched the video & I set up a page link just fine to my scans. Saved my page then I went to page 2 of my esignal, came back to page one & the link doesn't work anymore. I run about 4-5 pages on esignal with different charts etc...Is it not possible to have a link saved on each page? I see that you have to re-link @ each session too?....Thanks for any help

Barrie Einarson

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Re: New user, help linking to esignal
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2010, 10:00:55 am »
I am a relatively new user to esignal - 6 months.  I am using Version 11, I assume you're still using 10.6.  With 11, you create tabs  and one link with TS works across all the tabs you create. When I 1st started using esignal 10.6, i would open it twice so that I could do what I think you are doing with all the different pages - but imo, version 11 precludes having to do that because of the new tab creation mode.