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An expensive (but reliable) charting program
« on: November 08, 2011, 08:59:09 pm »
I thought I would share with this board a charting program that I have been trying for the last week - it's a subset of eSignal called LiveCharts.  The cost is ridiculously low - about $40/month including the US real time fees - and another $10 for Canadian fees including the Venture and TSX.  They use Interactive Data's feed so the data is reliable and the charts load very fast.  And yes, it links with TI.

Some of the features - everything floats so you can have charts and Watchlists on all your monitors.  They have pre and post market charting and a very easy price alerting system.  Like most charting programs, you can have the charts look virtually anyway you want them to and they have the basic studies (MACD, MA, etc.) and the basic drawing tools.

There is a modest scanner that I rarely use but that's why we have TI, isn't it?

I mention this program because if you are a "power" TI user, all you really need is a basic charting program.  I have had Trade Station and eSignal but both offer many unnecessary - imo - bells and whistles which make those packages expensive.  I have been using Worden's TC2000 which is a relatively inexpensive package that has some nice, easy to use scanners - but it drove me crazy that they didn't have pre and post market charting, no real time Canadian quotes and no true real time price alerting system.

Live Charts has a free 30 day trial offer - though you will have to pay the $15 US exchange fees.

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