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Beta Release
« on: March 22, 2011, 08:54:03 am »
"It's the book to end all books. Until I write another one" - Stephen Colbert on the publication of his book , I Am America, And So Can You.

We'd say it alternatively, "It's the upgrade to end all upgrades. Until we release another one".


Announcing v3.0 in beta release.  Here is the link to download this tested, but still beta version: (2nd link below button)

As readers of the blog know, we offer this special invitation to beta-test Trade-Ideas Pro Version 3.0 ahead of other subscribers and its formal release sometime soon. It is our intention to show our gratitude for your support and use of Trade-Ideas.

"Finally a reason to become literate" [about trading]

Some significant  changes include the debut of Top Lists. Check it out.

"Finally, a book you won't want to burn"

There's alot of hidden improvements too that relate to latency and some internal plumbing. Keep in mind 2 points:

No matter which platform you use (e.g., browser, TI Pro), you can always access any new alerts and/or filters we add. These are automatic to subscribers because both applications make a "call" to our servers for the latest list whenever someone interacts with our alert window settings via 'Configure'. When we add such alerts or filters, you receive them instantly. Note that The Odds Maker, however, is a feature found only in TI Pro.

This beta version lacks additional improvements and features that the final release will include. This is by design since we plan to include user feedback and solve any issues that may appear with heavier traffic and use. No flaws appear in our own testing of this beta release. However, should you find anything unusual, please let us know at info at We'll also take any praise there too!

Stephen ... any last words?

"It's the Bible of books"

"240 pages of genius. With pictures!"

"The best-written book I have ever written"

Thanks.  We could not have said it any better than that!


"Read the book you'll want to have thrown at you"

He must be talking about our User Manual!
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