Author Topic: Etrade Pro Alert EMA9 VWAP Crossover  (Read 143 times)


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Etrade Pro Alert EMA9 VWAP Crossover
« on: September 19, 2020, 03:55:59 pm »
Hello All,

Looking for some help. I am an Etrade Pro user and would like to get a strategy scanner for EMA9 crossing over VWAP. Essentially a custom scan to be imported. Any help is surely appreciated!



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Re: Etrade Pro Alert EMA9 VWAP Crossover
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2020, 04:58:57 pm »
What is your definition of EMA9? 9 periods of what duration? 1m 5m 15?

Trade Ideas does not have at this moment EMA indicators.
There is a list of SMA indicators and various period crossovers.
You can also filter for distance from a variety of VWAP benchmarks e.g., today's open, yesterday's, the previous day and for the week.

With knowing this it is hard to come up with a suggestion, however, I provide an example of something you might find useful to build on:

Here is the same strategy, designed in Strategy Scanner, that you will be able to import:


Simply copy this text string and right click into a Strategy window within the tool to choose the 'Change Strategy' option.
Then select the 'Import Strategy' option and you will be able to paste the above text into the dialog box.  Then click on View to see the settings.  Once you hit OK you'll see the strategy in your folder with the suffix '_import'.

If you have any questions or follow up don't hesitate to post some more.  Let us know if this helps.
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