Author Topic: Can anyone help with filters/window for this particular setup  (Read 535 times)


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Hi there
Can anyone help me to build a new top list, or maybe multi strat window for the following trade setup? I'm fairly new to TradeIdeas and have attempted a few combinations but it's just not triggering the ones I want.

I'm looking for stocks that have a news catalyst signalling a positive shift in fundamentals, that I can trade long and short over the course of a couple of hours (steady up or down climber). Sometimes these stocks trend for a couple of days but I'm not sure what criteria to use to find those stocks, so any input appreciated.

Here are the criteria I think I should include:

Up in after market and pre market
High relative volume
Ideally over VWAP pre market but I'm not sure what timeframe works best for measuring this
Doesn't give back a large chunk of the move pre market
Heavy volume in at 8am, over 100k shares
No major resistance above (I can just research this myself obviously, but wondered if there was a filter for it)
Medium to Mega-cap stocks

How do you think I should set this up? Is there a pre-configured setup in the software perhaps?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Re: Can anyone help with filters/window for this particular setup
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Hi Harry,

The best place to send your question (where the TI Traders will see it), is to write to:

I hope that helps, have a great day.