Author Topic: FEATURE REQUEST: Short Float Window Specific Filter updated more frequently  (Read 3111 times)


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This is a request to have the Short Float Window Specific Filter be updated more frequently. For example, at least incorporating the daily data reported to FINRA:

However, if real-time data can be made available, that's the best outcome!

Presently, as per emails with Trade-Ideas support, the Short Float Window Specific Filter updates twice monthly. However, which days precisely wasn't advised to. The current publicly documented definition is:
Short Float
The short float is the percentage of shares short in relation to the total number of shares that make up a stock’s float.

There some issues with the current state of Short Float:
  • The professional market place has a big leg up on Trade-Ideas customers, as they have alert/programmatic access to either real-time short float, and/or the FINRA daily data.
  • Using data that is updated twice monthly, is only most useful the day of the update. Once a day passes, the data is stale.
  • Trade-Ideas customers are provided an inaccurate definition of Short Float as per the documentation.

Hence, implementing this will help us Trade-Ideas customers find further usefulness in the platform, and provide us a more even playing field with the rest of the market participants.