Author Topic: ALERT- ADP figures in Scottrade Elite are BOGUS!!!  (Read 3831 times)


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ALERT- ADP figures in Scottrade Elite are BOGUS!!!
« on: August 09, 2016, 02:38:09 pm »
Please, check this out for yourself and if you already know, why are you still using Scottrade Elite?
The ADP is not accurate in Scottrade Elite.
If you go to and look on your Home page or, in the G/L Tax Center, those figures are accurate.
Then compare those figures to what is displayed in Elite in your "positions" window may shock you. NONE of mine were the same and every figure showed a greater gain than I actually had.
I've been relying on Elite for 8 freaking years and now, I discover The info is bogus.

I called Scottrade and they confirmed that, yes indeed, you have to manually adjust your average daily price for your positions! The lady also explained that they are fixing this problem, probably in 2017!!!
Are you kidding me?

Why don't they explain this, when you start to use Scottrade Elite?