Author Topic: A real good Option Scanner doesn't exists?  (Read 4961 times)


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A real good Option Scanner doesn't exists?
« on: June 04, 2015, 02:55:09 pm »
Ok...I am admitting, I am new to Options. So maybe what I'm about to ask you does exists or there is an obvious reason that it can't exists which I am hoping you will be able to elighten me on. If not, it would be awesome if you could create something.

Ok. Most Option scanners that I have seen in my limited knowledge only appears to look at the Volume of options being traded. This is good, but just like stock Volume, it doesn't necessarily translate into price movement.

But we also have "% gainers", we have "Running Up", and "New High" stock scanners that let's me know Stocks that are moving right now. If we only had volume to look at we would be in the dark as to know which stocks are moving in a particular direction right now.

So I'm looking at the Option chain for a few companies, and I'm thinking to myself, how come there's no such tool that goes through every option chain for every company and tells you which option series is running up right now?

Maybe my lack of understanding when it comes to Options is my problem, but I'd be shocked to know that this has not been attempted. If not...can TI look at doing something like this? It must be a huge undertaking or maybe illegal.

Can you explain? Thanks