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Title: A Few Etrade pro Questions
Post by: bklynkid1 on May 20, 2020, 01:01:21 pm
Hello,  Thank you for providing such a helpful forum about TI, a great tool. I use TI in ET pro. My questions are: 1.  When I run a scan that has a filter of : a stock must have a range of between X and Y cents in the last 30 minutes, how can the scanner return Any symbols  at 9:35 am, five minutes into today's session?? No stock could meet that filter as there have not been enough bars (time) formed to meet the criteria. 2. I understand there is a limit for etrade users as to  how many symbols or alerts can be returned in a given day ( I think). I get quite a few duplicative alerts and it is somewhat distractive and confusing, and worse may be causing me to miss different symbols that would have been returned. The alert I am using, because I guess you have to have at least one, is new high of day. Maybe I need to select an alert that is less prone to repetitive firing. 3. Sometimes,  there will be an alert on a symbol that has a count of 5 or 6  or 7, but when I go back in the history of the day I cannot find the first alert, ie alert  #1. or #2 or # 3 for that matter. These are my most pressing questions for now. Please help. Thanks for the great product and the support.. Bklynkid1
Title: Re: A Few Etrade pro Questions
Post by: TradeIdeas_DA on May 21, 2020, 11:04:52 am
Hi Brklynkid1

It would help to see your strategy. You can copy and paste it here. If you'd rather not, I understand.

You can also email the settings to and be sure to include the link to this forum thread.
Only then can I answer your first question.
I am not certain about the limit of alerts sent to you during the day (there isn't one to my knowledge), but regardless too many signals becomes noise.
More current versions of our tech - coming soon to ETRADE customers - have Top Lists which lists of leaderboard stocks that you can design without having to have an alert event associated with it. Here's a video explanation:

Here's how to help your situation in the here and now. You are correct I would use either another alert

Std Deviation breakout:
Running Up/Down with a alert filter setting of 9 (which would be the most significant moves and less often)

Hope this helps!

Title: Re: A Few Etrade pro Questions
Post by: bklynkid1 on May 23, 2020, 10:36:40 pm
Thanks for the helpful guidance here.  How do I copy and paste my strategy from Etrade?Thanks, Bklynkid1