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Title: Need Help setting up some Scans
Post by: Batman06 on March 25, 2017, 03:21:42 pm
Hello fellow traders! Would like to start off and say that i love this program, amazing scanner!

I'm looking for help on how to configure a scan I've been trying to put together with no such luck.

1A. Looking for a stock that has had a HUGE GAP Down. Some examples of what i mean is $INNL on (12/30/2016) that gapped down pretty big. $AGRX on (1/04/2017) would be another example.

 B. If that is met, next would be that it has been consolidating in this range for 10 days or more.

 C. If both a/b are met next thing I'd be looking for would be the stock is approaching the HIGH of the Day it had the HUGE GAP Down. (not sure if this is possible) So for example if you would take $INNL on 12/30/2016 the high would be .84 cents.

2. Looking for Stocks that has had a HUGE Green DAY, which then retraced and starts Consolidating for a Minimum of 5 days since the BIG Green day.

Best way to explain what i mean would be for me to show you an example. Take $PULM on 1/17/2017 Where it had a big green day, retraced itself and held that area which then headed for its next leg up. Or take the most recent big mover $HTGM on 2/27/2017 consolidates and retraced, this one just took a longer time to get to its next leg up.

3. This one might be similar to #2 But looking for a 10 day Bull Flag finder.

4. Also is there a way for me to see stocks when the current volume passes the 10 day average volume?

I might be asking for a lot or maybe some of what i asked for is not possible. But just the effort of reading this is enough and would like to thank you if you got this far! :) Good luck traders wishing everyone the best!